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Executive Coaching in times of Corona

Many of my clients report that this is a time with considerably less travel and face to face meetings. There are more free times when people consciously think about what is important to them. What has already been experienced and also what is still on the various “bucket lists”. Why should this or that be achieved? And for what is this good?  The crucial question – how do I manage this?

For my executive coachings I use online tools such as skype or zoom – not only in times of the corona crisis.  They offer the possibility to share documents, create brainstorming sessions and much more. Despite physical distance, you feel very well connected. Like in face to face coachings I can use the whiteboard or show pictures to support vision work.  I am curious to see what new things we will experience together in the coming weeks.

Back to Coaching – My Approach

In my coaching sessions I make intensive use of the findings of neuroscience and the rhythmic processes in our nature.  Repeatedly my clients tell me how effectively they use the concepts to reflect much better with images, metaphors and analogies with nature. And they are able to establish change processes faster and thus take new steps very effectively.

How does coaching start with me and what can you expect?

In the long term, professional and private changes require an inner transformation.

I offer my clients an approximately 90 minute strategy session. We will explore by phone, online or in a personal conversation which questions are currently in focus for you.

Many of my clients have experienced a variety of perspective changes for their individual transformation projects and to enhance their personal development. With self-responsible strategies and the associated implementation of new competencies, my clients look at their inner process and its manifold consequences. The focus is on their personal dream, which they do not yet know, have not yet expressed or do not dare to fulfill. Often such an inner process is tied up with many complex initial situations and difficult consequences. Only when you find the way to yourself, away from our crowded and overexcited world, you can allow real inner growth. Often this is also connected with letting go of old habits, walking new paths and sometimes other people will accompany you on your life journey.

I guarantee that you will receive individual support through my coaching sessions. Already throughout the strategy session you should be able to see your personal path in more light.

And, only after this strategy session we both decide whether we can be the right companions on this path.  You will then receive an individual offer or a recommendation for another possible companion from my partnership network.

Important for you: I work exclusively with clients who want to implement change in a sustainable way. The concept of the strategy session gives both of us the chance to assess our willingness for effective coaching.

What can I offer you? ?

For more than 20 years I worked in an IT company in various leadership roles in the human resources area.  The main focus of my corporate tasks was organizational and personnel development. During this time I have conducted over 1000 interviews with board members, C-level executives and their leadership teams. Always with the goal of actively accompanying changes in organizations and people. Afterwards  I had many conversations with entrepreneurs or founders about business ideas and new plans. As an executive coach I support strategic reorientation and changes. I place my economic know-how (Dipl.-Betriebswirt, Wirtschaftsinformatik, MBA) and my 5 phases concept to your disposal.


I know first hand – the entrepreneurial and private “pain points”. As a member of various associations, I regularly talk to successful entrepreneurs & decision makers. In doing so, I actively listen to what is currently impacting them within the business or what they need in order to shape the current change in the VUCA era in a solution-oriented manner. I’m currently also working on a book to present the results of the discussion with start-ups, especially to people in leadership positions and change situations.



The model of the 5 phases:

One basis of my work is the model of the 5 phases. The 5 phases are based upon nature observations.  The phases and cycles are repeated again and again – both in your own life, in projects or you can even find them in organisational or company developments. And these cycles can occur in shorter or longer intervals. If you know where you currently stand in your cycle and if you also understand even better which personal characteristics, emotions and preferences for action you have, then together we can quickly see why something is not yet going ahead. The next steps can be planned and necessary courses of action can be identified. According to Daniel Goleman, for example, up to 80% of the competencies that distinguish outstanding leaders are based on emotional intelligence. We also identify additional support to dissolve blockades and take the next steps.


Success orientation:

The corporate environment has had a great impact on me. The economic benefit of my work is decisive for me. According to several studies, coaching shows a high success factor. That is why we also jointly define success factors for our cooperation in advance.

According to current research, action competence contributes twice as much to top performance as intellect or technical ability. These competencies can be expanded through appropriate “training”. If the talents are already available, the better and faster. This enables a broader portfolio of options for action and helps you significantly to achieve more composure and self-regulation in coping with difficult situations.

Your implementation plan:

Based on the 5 phases concept, my clients develop their own personal focus and implementation strategies with me:

  • Strengthening integration skills
  • Focus on self-perception and objectives
  • Increase motivation
  • Expand action portfolio
  • Training reflection and letting go

What do you bring?

Openness is necessary so that I can quickly recognise your situation and environment. I help you to recognize the variety of choices you have, to take on new perspectives and to analyze the possible effects. You should develop the ability to control disturbing impulses and moods from the wealth of your options and to reflect the emotions of others in the overall system before taking action, thus ensuring confident relationship management.


And what is your investment?

Once Picasso painted a picture on a handkerchief in a restaurant.  A lady wanted to buy this painting and asked him how much it cost. She was very surprised that he demanded a large sum of money for the 5 minutes drawing. Why did I have to pay so much for it?” was her understandable question. The answer: “It didn’t take me 5 minutes, it’s the experience of my whole life.”

In addition to my training, certifications in project management and mediation, I also contribute my decades of professional, coaching and life experience to the coaching process, which is completely individual for you. The approaches I use make you as an executive even more effective. Therefore you do not pay for the time you spend with me – you pay for the results you achieve through coaching. And that should be life-affirming and great for you!


In this sense: many positive thoughts and stay healthy!

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