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»If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping when there is a mosquito in the room.«

Learn to better assess yourself and your conversation partners in no time, have conversations with ease and without headaches, and increase results tenfold in half the time.

Do the following situations sound familiar?

The other person tries to pass on a task or blame onto you?

You feel drained after or already during the conversation?

The other one just doesn't get to the point.

The talks are not going as they should.

You just can't find access to the other.

You want to learn more about Chinese Personality Diagnostics and apply it to your everyday life.

You will get a comprehensive insight into an exciting topic. Doctors have been using this effectively for thousands of years.

And we will show you how you can easily

  • get into better balance
  • double your productivity
  • without being more stressed or working harder

  • And improve collaboration with others by up to 73%.


We have run several online courses for leaders, coaches, parents, mediators on how to use the 

The masterclass has been enlightening for all participants. 

Participants were amazed by the content and results on their daily and professional live.  

Interested? Then head this way:    

Are You Curious?

And you want to apply the Holistic Business System based on the 5 Phases in your environment?

Are you curious?

  • the Chinese philosophy,
  • the origins and
  • the phases of change
And want to know more about Daoflect –

the innovative approach creating increasingly greater well-being and brighter future for both humankind and our planet?

Then have a look here:

You have additional questions?

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions of our participants!

Every person has something very special in him. And that influences his motivation or causes him to behave in a characteristic way. It can also lead to stress. And what he is also influences his motives.

There are many instruments of personality diagnostics, with which I could work in over 25 years as a personal guru, which should help me to recognize the personality of the counterpart and be used for a recommendation in the leadership career.

Many instruments identify 16 motives compared to the population average. As a participant:in, you learn how each of your 16 motives compares to other people. This makes it clear what connects you to others and how you differ from others.

In Chinese personality diagnostics, we know "10 types." For the basic constitution of a person there are 12,960,00 individual expressions alone.

Unlock the potentials of your unique personality. Learn more about your individual main sources of strength (main elements) and stressors. Use your personal profile to develop your full potential. Reflect on your leadership behavior. Strengthen your self-reflection. 

Wood, fire, earth, metal and water the basis for how nature grows and develops.

It is believed that these phases help us understand everything. From disease and healing. From the basic processes of child development to death/rebirth.

Even today, they form the basis for the practice of Chinese medicine. But to each of the 5 phases / elements are also possible analogies to the personality type. In every human being there is a unique mixture of these 5 types.  By knowing the personality traits, behavior patterns can also be predicted. Not only in relation to yourself, but also in relation to your friends, your partner, your children and your colleagues.

When you practice this method, you will also learn how to

  • Exercise more control over behaviors that hinder your potential
  • Improve your self-awareness when dealing with everyday pressures
  • You will understand what really makes people tick so that you spend less time in stagnant relationships and more time in satisfying relationships.

By studying Eastern philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine and applying this knowledge over more than 10 years with hundreds of clients (individuals, couples, businesses, parents, children), we have developed a simplified and proven guide to

  • Harness the strengths of our five archetypes.
  • Learn more about yourself and others, change your relationships and put yourself on the path to personal and interpersonal harmony.

Absolutely – and I can say that from my own personal and professional experience. And I see it again and again in my daily work. Because the more someone says they are too busy for something, the more they need it.

I’ll give you an example from my real life. Because that being overly busy should not be glorified, I finally realized during my. part-time MBA’s. And even being in HR management I have encouraged employees being too busy to take on less and create open spaces in their lives.

Now – how did I deal with this impulse? Did I, in the face of this new insight, get the idea that it would be wise and helpful to practice this in my own life?

A clear – "no".

Every semester I was super stressed about final exams. All my good self-care resolutions fell by the wayside. I was just too busy to take the time to write, exercise, or go to coaching for 20 minutes a day. I locked myself in, studied, took the exams, then collapsed and usually got sick after the incredibly stressful time was over.

Then I slowly picked myself back up and over the next few weeks got my work and family life back on track. Had I learned anything?

Not really!

After the first 2 years and the "diploma exam" we had a half year break.

Instead of taking a longer break and enjoying more free time, we tackled a new, huge project.

And built a house in the 6 months. With move-in day at the end of September, the second half to the MBA began in early October.

In 2012, I started to study TCM part-time. There I learned a lot about the philosophy, the transformational phases / elements and I recognized my own tendency to hold on to situations. And I recognized from it, how I stand in my own way and learned in a natural way how things should be for me, so that you can benefit me and I can stay in balance.

I wondered what kind of leader and coach I would be if I had never learned what my limits were and how to handle stress.

So I took that as an opportunity to do it differently in this study. It was unfamiliar. And I broke with my routine. I just enjoyed studying and took it more casually. I didn’t fail the exams. I tried not to do everything super well anymore, but to do the best I could. And I regained control of my own life. For me, it was a gamechanger.

I was no longer completely exhausted and having to pick up the pieces of my everyday life for weeks.

I learned about my main elements and listened to the experiences and recommendations I learned about my own main element. I applied them and already I was successful! I developed a new skill that got me happier and healthier through the rest of my time in college. And will also bring me in the upcoming projects. I understood why I tick the way I do and this realization helped me let go when something wasn’t doing well and find my balance as best I could. This year brings starting a business and demands again.

I am not suggesting that this test will create more time and space in your life or reduce your stress.

But it can help you understand in 10 minutes how you respond to stress and how to reprioritize your life to make it work better for you.

Because their elements are also powerful guarantors of your change, if you apply those elements wisely.

Over 20 years I have been exposed to many different personality tests in executive assessments.

After only 3 taster weekends, I started studying Chinese medicine. Why? It was both, very logical and on the other hand  intuitive and natural at the same time. 

Our 4 weeks online course or the 5-Element Personality Test stands out as they help the participants to understand and apply the concepts to life immediately for several reasons.

#1 The online course is natural and very down to earth

The other big personality tests on the market (Myers-Briggs, The Big 5, the Enneagram) are pretty abstract. EFSP, INTJ – what does that actually mean in the real world? I, too, have talked about being a blue, while I would much rather be green. And colleagues have also talked about being a "blue" or "green" personality. But it took me a long time to understand what is behind these colors. Again and again I have to look up what the abbreviations mean when someone tells me…I am this or that. The Enneagram also focuses on "archetypes". However, if we don’t have a clear example of our particular archetype in our lives, it is quite difficult to figure out what your results actually mean in the real world. Why is the 5-elements questionnaire different? The 5-Element Personality Test gives you the whole picture. Your whole, cohesive personality (and often your belief system), rather than just a hodgepodge of traits that you have to piece together into something meaningful. All the other tests are valid and useful tools to promote self-knowledge. They are great, even if it is a difficult process. For me personally and professionally, the 5 element theory of Chinese medicine has the most significance. Therefore, I have identified 60 questions that will give you an idea of your elements..

#3 One of the biggest challenges in learning is processing and repeating new information until we have internalized it.

We need repetition of ideas so that they can penetrate our consciousness and take root. (The older I am, the harder this is for me.😂)

Often we read the results of a personality test and never look at them again. Because as I said after a short time we forget the meaning of the colors or abbreviation in the more numbers, dates and facts based tests.

Once you get to know their "element", you won’t be able to shrug off new information. That’s because this information is all around us, in the natural world. No matter where you move or look you will find analogies and be able to reflect on how this affects you. You don’t need a book or a website to look at and read over and over again. It is easy to just go outside and observe your element and thereby understand your "element". Of course, interpreting the elements in you takes time and also a little introduction. The basic building blocks are always there when you look out the window. I encounter the transformational phases every day and it is a piece of cake to hold on to what we have learned and apply it to our lives.

Excellent question.

An important goal in creating the questionnaire results page was to give you insights into their 2 main types and how they interact with each other.

Otherwise, the result or on yourself is very individual. Therefore, there is a personal reflection meeting with me. Based on a specific personal question, we shed light on your 2 main elements. This is more than other personality tests offer, which often only summarize positive and negative characteristics. In all of the reflection sessions, all of the previous participants were able to develop new impulses, take them into their everyday lives and also implement them easily. Un also larger change projects could be initiated in a short time.

The test is therefore also only available for a fee, because I – and not someone from my team – talk to you personally.

Of course, in the written evaluation is a first indication of how you can create more balance and harmony within yourself with the two main elements. Because it may be that the 2 elements in the sense of a natural course support each other, nourish or weaken, even control or attack each other.

And so you can very quickly identify blockages and obstacles yourself based on their very own behavior. But exactly this built-in "control mechanism" is a gift. Because it also supports you to create a balance and to identify exactly how an overflowing stress level can be regulated.

What would a list of traits – without guidance on how to apply them – do for you? This was my personal challenge with other personality tests, so I customized this test. An easy to understand system that provides insight and leads to comprehensive and actionable results. For your immediate development.

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